About me

Jessica Sunell, gardener

I really enjoy working as a gardener. The design itself with sketching and thinking about which plants to choose for different people and places. And to later see those plans come to reality, by building the plant beds and do the planting, is a great joy. Plants and flowers grant a lot of beauty, I think most people can agree on that. Therefore I see it as a privilege to work within this area.

Jessicas Garden Design is a smaller company with a personal touch and great commintment. I am with you throughout the whole project. I work togehter with other competent educated gardeners, constructors and of course recognized good plant suppliers.

My main tips

The right plant at the right spot

Plants are different. Some like it damp, some dry. Some like acid soil, most don’t. Many love the sun whereas otherhs lighten up the shady places. Learn about the natural habitat of the plants you like, then you will be able to choose the right plant for the right spot in your garden.

Prune the apple tree

When the apple tree is planted it needs to be pruned to get a good development of its crown. This is especially important during the first three years. Keep three or four nicely outward growing branches in a spiral around the top shoot. The rest are cut away. The kept branches and the top shoot are shortened above an outward pointing bulb.

No open soil

Seek to cover all the soil in the plant bed, otherwise the nature will cover it with weeds or grass. In an open soil the nutrition also disappears up in the air. By having ground coverers as a carpet in the plant bed you will keep the nutrition in the soil for the plants instead.



Plan for a beautiful and easily managed garden.

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Maintenance of your garden grants tax deduction.

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Make sure you prune in time to keep trees and bushes in nice shape.

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