North Carolina Garden

Shaped cut American and Japanese holly and boxwood are the bushes that are mostly used as a base in the garden. These evergreens are used to soften facades and create a warm and welcoming entrance to the house.

North Carolina Garden


During wintertime in North Carolina the importance of the evergreens get even more obvious. Many of the plants that are used are also doing well in our climate. In spring the magnolias, azaleas and the beautiful flowering dogwoods are in full bloom well accompanied by the evergreens.

Block plantings

A welcoming planting at the entrance of the block is very common in North Carolina. Also here shaped cut evergreens are preferred, in different combinations or togeheter with ornamental grass.

Foundation planting

The carachteristic plantings with shaped cut evergreens around the foundation of the house are distinctive for the area. At new constructed plots and houses many choose to plant these bushes first as they immediately give green surroundings.

Blooming favorites

Blooming bushes and trees are a given complement to the green base in the gardens. Lagerstroemia, Judas tree and flowering dogwood are togehter with azaleas and rhododendrons many garden owners favorites.

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