Maintenance of your garden grants tax deduction. Read more about what you can get help with.

In order to keep the garden nice, it needs care. Often the lawn is the largest area of the garden. A lawn needs a lot of work to look good. Water, nutrition and regular cutting. From time to time there can also be a need to vertically cut the lawn to stimulate its growth. At the same time it is good to dress the lawn to bring extra soil and nutrition to it. A thick and strong lawn is more resistent to weeds and moss.

Another periodical task in the garden uses to be the hedge cutting. I you have a cut hedge, opposed to a free growing, it needs to be cut at least once a year. The cutting is done different times of the year depending on the genus of the plant. Ornamental bushes as well as berry bushes benefits from pruning. Some bushes can be cut down completely to stimulate new shoots whereas others just need thinning. Watering, weeding, spring and fall cleaning are other parts of the maintenance of a garden. Welcome to contact me for consultations or help with your garden.

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