Information concerning (GDPR).

We process and store the personal data that is sent to us with the contact form at this web site. We store the information as long as it is necessary in terms of completing a project and to follow laws regulating storage of accounting records.

Consent is the legal basis for storage of this information.
The purpose with the storage of personal data is to maintain a good contact between the client and
the company, as well as being able to use the RUT deduction towards the Swedish Tax Authorities.

Contact information are not used for marketing or newsletters.
You have the right, up to one time a year, to ask what personal information we have stored about
you. To do this, please contact the data controller. Even so, you have the right to ask for correction and/ or deletion of your personal data at any time.

Data controller at Jessicas Trädgårdsdesign:
Jessica Sunell
Telefon: 070-250 48 38