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One of the keys to get an easily managed garden, is to choose plants that have their natural habitat in simular enviroments that exisist in your garden. This way a good start is provided for the plants. The functionality of the garden as a whole is also important to take into account for a satisfying result. Welcome to contact me for garden solutions and plant advice.

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Fruit trees need regular pruning. Both to shape but mostly to give the fruit light and thereby a possibility to grow larger and develop more taste. Another important reason to prune is to remove damaged, dead or wrong growing branches. By doing this the tree will be as secured as it can be against for exampel fungal deseases. A tree is also pruned differently as a young tree compared to an adult tree. Altogether pruning seeks to give healthy and beautifyl trees.

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Cutting edges, weeding, cutting grass, watering, spring and autumn cleaning. These are some exampels of garden maintenance. Maybe your garden needs to freshen up before you put it out for sale or your lawn might need repairing. Big as small, welcome to get in touch and get help with the things you need to get done in your garden.

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